QR codes central to Pernod Ricard responsible drinking campaign

qr codes pernod bottle

The company has used a massive quick response code to draw attention to its latest awareness effort.

Pernod Ricard launched its Responsib’ALL Day campaign in a unique and mobile friendly way by using 210 square foot (64 square meters) QR codes to be able to encourage viewers to interact with its campaign.

The company engaged more than 200 of its employees with the task of building the quick response code.

The QR codes could be found in Cyberport, Hong Kong, in the outdoor Podium area. The massive barcode, when scanned, directed smartphone users to a download option for the Pernod Ricard “Wise Drinking” mobile app. The application was designed to encourage responsible drinking among its customers. This is the latest in several years of the annual campaign and it was meant to reflect the considerable penetration of mobile technology among the company’s customers.

The QR codes were central to the fifth annual Responsib’ALL Day features, enhancing them with mobile technology.

qr codes pernod bottleThe mobile app was not only meant to be informative, but also amusing. It included a multiplayer quiz within which the user could choose from among four different themes. One of them focused on boosting the user’s education when it comes to responsible drinking. Additional QRcodes were found in many different places to help to ensure that the maximum possible number of people would be able to gain quick and easy access to the app.

In fact, there were forty different teams at twenty locations that were encouraging people to scan the barcodes so that they could download the apps. Among those locations were Times Square, Lan Kwai Fong, Wanchai, and Victoria Park. At each of these places, there were promotional activities as well as themed mascots to encourage passersby to download and participate.

The teams competed with each other to try to obtain the highest number of downloads. Every time a certain number of people downloaded the app as a result of scanning the QR codes for one of the teams, that team would earn a puzzle piece. The teams consisted of 200 people, total. When that portion of the campaign was over, all of the team members came together to build the puzzle oat Cyberport, where the final massive QR codes were created.

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