Snapdeal mobile commerce strategy includes Letsgomo acquisition

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The retailer company is working to add a greater push to its m-shopping business with the app maker.

Snapdeal has now announced that it will be giving its mobile commerce business a meaningful boost by acquiring Letsgomo Labs, a mobility solution company.

The deal was set between Snapdeal and Letsgomo for an as of yet undisclosed sum of money.

According to the co-founder of Snapdeal, Rohit Bansal, in a prepared statement, “Over 75 per cent of our sales now come through mobile platforms, and the Letsgomo team becoming part of our family will further propel our efforts in this direction.” This helps to explain why the focus on mobile commerce would require the company to build its might in the area of the smartphone experience where Letsgomo has its greatest expertise.

Letsgomo Labs is an app developer and provides solutions around mobile commerce strategies and experiences.

online shopping mobile commerceThe company and its team of 76 people already has a spectrum of clients throughout Silicon Valley and Europe, as well as in India. In a statement made by Manav Kamboj, the co-founder of Letsgomo, he said that “We strongly believe that new-age technology innovations will happen here. Mobile will continue to drive e-commerce. We look forward to building world-class mobile technology at Snapdeal.”

This is not the first acquisition that Snapdeal has made into the m-commerce sphere. Back in April, it also acquired Freecharge. That purchase made Snapdeal the largest mobile shopping company in India.

Even more recently, in May, Snapdeal made the acquisition of Martmobi, which was a company that provides seamless connectivity enabling with the existing merchant backend systems, as well as providing a real-time analytics engine in order to make it possible to better user engagement and the conversion rate.

Bansal explained that at the moment, mobile commerce is among the primary areas in which his company will be focusing. He underscored the fact that over the last couple of years, this channel has revealed itself as among the largest drivers of growth for the retailer. They have, therefore, made certain that the smartphone and tablet experience remain at the forefront of their efforts.

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