Mobile health apps aren’t helping the people who most need them

Doctor upset mobile health apps

New research has shown that these applications aren’t necessarily doing what they were designed to accomplish. Mobile health apps have the opportunity to transform the way Americans receive health care. The vast majority of U.S. adults carry smartphones. People who have chronic conditions or other complex health requirements have considerable mobile device resources available to them. However, a new study revealed that these health focused apps are falling short in several ways. The research looked into the reach and effectiveness of mobile health apps. What was found was that app…

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McDonald’s mobile ordering tested for smartphone users

McDonald’s mobile ordering

The fast food chain may one day roll the program out across the country and potentially beyond. A new McDonald’s mobile ordering system is currently being tested. This could make the process of purchasing a Big Mac and fries much faster and more convenient. The goal is to reduce the length of time that customers have to wait, greatly improving efficiency. The mobile service lets customers place their orders and pay for their food ahead of time. As a result, the McDonald’s mobile ordering system will potentially cut down on…

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Uber app to monitor drivers for unsafe driving habits

Uber security - driver car GPS

The mobile application will detect sudden stops as well as when high speeds are reached. The mobile Uber app is going to do more than just helping people to get from point A to point B. The application will use smartphone sensors to check up on the driver’s safe road use. This is meant to discourage drivers from speeding or from road habits that lead to frequently slamming on the brakes. The ride sharing company announced widespread testing of these new mobile app features. The company is testing the Uber…

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Starbucks mobile app rolls out with amped up Rewards

china starbucks mobile app

The popular coffee giant has now upgraded both its application and its rewards program for its customers. Starbucks has now announced that it has overhauled its mobile app, which is currently used by 17 million people across the United States, in order to be able to offer them a more personalized experience. The changes have arrived at the same time as the upgrades to the Starbucks Rewards program for free products. The mobile app now contains a new look and a range of new features, while the loyalty program assigns…

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Starbucks mobile app is headed for a massive upgrade

starbucks mobile payments app

The popular café chain intends to invest a considerable amount of money into improving its application. Starbucks has become exceptionally popular as a coffee chain and over recent years its mobile app has played a huge role in its ability to differentiate itself from the rest of the increasingly crowded café market. In terms of its success with mobile payments, it is virtually unparalleled and is often seen as the ultimate success story. Starbucks has moved exceptionally strategically and has already poured a massive effort into creating an extremely functional,…

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Mhealth prize goes to pain management app creating students

mobile health technology system

Students from the College of Information Sciences and Technology have come in second with the C-Pain Go application. The second place prize from mHealth 2015 has now been given to students from the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Department of Biobehavioral Health (BBH), who created a smartphone app designed to help to manage their pain. The C-Pain Go mobile app was designed to set multiple pain tracking reminders for users. The idea behind this mhealth app is to use smartphone technology to make it possible for patients to…

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Mobile health app educates Ethiopian moms

mobile health pregnant expectant mothers

The “Safe Delivery App” offer mothers across the country vital and potentially lifesaving advice. A new mobile health app has now been launched in Ethiopia in the hopes of improving the survival and medical wellbeing of moms and their new babies by offering lifesaving strategies when things take a turn for the worse. Nearly 9 in 10 Ethiopian births occur at home following pregnancies with limited or no medical assistance. The hope of the developers of the Safe Delivery App is that this mobile health service will improve the level…

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Yahoo Weather mobile app alerts users to impending precipitation

yahoo mobile app

The application will provide a warning fifteen minutes ahead of the arrival of rain or snow. Yahoo has recently announced that it is updating its Weather mobile app to provide alerts to people around the world in order to warn them when their area is expected to receive rain or snow within the next quarter of an hour. Though there have been several changes to the weather app, it is the alerts that is the most notable. This latest mobile app update will mean that Yahoo Weather users will be…

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Patient mhealth adoption relies on doctor recommendations

mhealth augmented biometrics security mobile health

Recent research has shown that physicians may be the key driving force behind this technology. It may feel as though mhealth technology is getting off to a pretty good start on its own, but when it comes to the recommendations – or even discussions – of mobile and wearable tech by doctors, a recent study has shown that only 15 percent of physicians are actually talking about it as a tool to help to improve overall or specific wellness. This could be holding back the adoption of mobile health technologies…

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QR codes central to Pernod Ricard responsible drinking campaign

qr codes pernod bottle

The company has used a massive quick response code to draw attention to its latest awareness effort. Pernod Ricard launched its Responsib’ALL Day campaign in a unique and mobile friendly way by using 210 square foot (64 square meters) QR codes to be able to encourage viewers to interact with its campaign. The company engaged more than 200 of its employees with the task of building the quick response code. The QR codes could be found in Cyberport, Hong Kong, in the outdoor Podium area. The massive barcode, when scanned,…

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Mobile app from Marriott broadens check-in tech

Marriott mobile app apple pay

Smartphone using guests at the hotel’s locations can skip the front desk for many features they want to use. Though the mobile app from the Marriott is currently considered to be quite cutting edge in the hotel industry at the moment, many in the travel environment now believe that this type of technology will become the standard within the next few years. The smartphone application makes it possible to skip the front desk in order to check-in at the hotel. Though the Marriott already had a mobile app for both…

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