Printed QR codes help keep construction equipment renters in Sweden safe

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Byggmaskiner-Gruppen Sverige has launched a quick response code label printing machine to boost operator safety.

Swedish construction machine rental company, Byggmaskiner-Gruppen Sverige, is now using printed QR codes to reduce the risk of construction site accidents. The company worked with MCS – a British software developer – and the Swedish Rental Association (SRA) to create this system.

The company now uses quick response codes to provide machine operators with helpful safety information.

The company claims that its MCS-rm rental solution makes it the first Swedish firm to completely comply with the SRA safety guidelines through the use of printed QR codes on machine labels. When the quick response codes are scanned, the mobile device user is automatically directed to the SRA standard personal security information (PSI) and that specific machine model’s user manual.

The SRA first issued its PSI information sheets to provide vital safety info about construction equipment and machinery. The purpose was to improve the safe handling of the units. For instance, it provides instructions about how to safely use the machinery, recommends protective equipment, and offers tech data and risk management info. This is meant to be used to lower the incidence of workplace accidents.

The printed QR codes are unique to the specific models of the equipments they represent.

printed qr codes businessByggmaskiner-Gruppen Sverige manager, Wille Törnkvist, explained that “We’ve been inspired to make safety information more accessible to our hire customers, having read last years’ headlines on the number of accidents on construction sites.” He also pointed out the importance that the system be quick and simple for operators to use in order to access safety information. If it is too tedious or challenging, “safety can easily be overlooked.”

Törnkvist also pointed out that the QR codes can be scanned using any barcode reader app for Android and iOS based smartphones. Therefore, with the printed QR codes added to the rented machines, the company knows that the operators always have the latest safety information handy no matter the circumstances. He also pointed out that the support and advice from MCS made for an exceptionally positive experience throughout the development of the solution.

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