iPhone X unveiling underscores Apple’s pricing strategy angle

Apple iPhone X
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The Californian device maker has launched a new luxury smartphone with an even higher price tag.

Apple’s new iPhone X has made a luxury splash in a lineup of devices that has always been known for its technological advancements. This smartphone has been designed to rise above previous iPhones, and it has the striking price tag to match. Moreover, it looks as though this higher price point could be the ongoing trend for the brand.

The luxury iPhone was first unveiled on Tuesday’s Apple event and will cost consumers a whopping $999.

The iPhone X has been anticipated for some time now. It’s launch price is currently set at about twice the original cost of an iPhone about a decade ago. Moreover, it is far more expensive than any of its rival devices on the present market. At the same time, this appears to align perfectly with the direction Apple has been taking over the last while. It has been working to position the brand as the expensive gadgets consumers aspire to have.

At the same time, the actual launch of this Apple smartphone is a clear indicator that it is bringing that strategy to life. Price tags are climbing ever higher despite the fact that the improvements from one generation of its products to the next are frequently incremental or derived from past devices. Revolutionary changes have slowed over the last decade and the most recent releases are more a matter of fine tuning than life-changing alterations.

The iPhone X arrives at a time when smartphone sales are falling and the prices have been going with them.

Apple iPhone XThis, despite the fact that smartphones are running faster and more powerfully than ever before. The fact is that smartphone ownership has essentially reached a saturation point in the majority of markets. Consumers who don’t see a drastic difference from one generation of phones to the next are choosing to wait longer before they replace their current mobile devices.

That said, Apple shares soared following the announcement, showing that analysts and investors are strongly in favor with the strategy. At the same time as the iPhone X unveiling, the brand also revealed a new TV streaming box and a new smartwatch boasting its own cellular connection.

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