Artistic QR codes give Hong Kong tourists self-guided tour directions

hong kong business district artistic qr codes for tourism

Quick response codes inspired by art provide visitors to the Old Town Central district with touring assistance.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has added artistic QR codes to its most recent strategy to appeal to visitors. The idea behind the quick response codes is to draw new tourists to the Old Town Central area of the city. Moreover, they are also designed to provide those tourists with an enhanced experience once they’re there.

The art inspired QR codes are posted in a number of different places tourists frequently visit.

The new smartphone friendly tourism program has been launched throughout the business district. While the use of these barcodes isn’t unique to this location or tourism program, an effort has been made to help to improve their visual appeal. The artistic QR codes help the walking tour displays to maintain a far more visually attractive look than the standard barcode.

Traditionally, QR codes are simply black and white pixilated squares. However this new tourism strategy is using art inspired pieces in the form of colorful illustrations to catch the eye, appeal to visitors and ensure that the barcodes don’t detract from the surrounding area.

There are four different tours available through the artistic QR codes in Hong Kong.

hong kong business district artistic qr codes for tourismThe four tours are all available within the Central district. These include: Crazy for Art, Tasting Hong Kong, Time Traveler and Treasure Hunt. Each one has a specific focus on a part of the district that might appeal to visitors. It also means that tourists can spotlight the themes and sights they want to see the most.

The QR code walking tours give visitors the ability to either select the theme they like the most, or they can choose to experience the district in several different ways.

Once the tourists discover one of the QR codes, which feature bright illustrations, all they need to do is scan the barcode with their smartphones. They can use any free QR code reader app to scan the barcodes effectively. The barcodes then redirect the mobile device user to the appropriate webpage on the Hong Kong Tourism Board site.

The artistic QR codes provide tourists with the four walking tour choices. From there, they can make their selection and guide themselves around the city based on the directions.

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