Mobile payments firm finally breaks into the Chinese market

China Mobile payments technology commerce

Mozido’s acquisition of PayEase will allow the firm to participate in the Chinese market

Mobile payments firm Mozido has found a way to break into the Chinese market through its recent acquisition of PayEase. China has become one of the most attractive mobile commerce markets in the world, with many payments firms looking for entry into the market to take advantage of its commerce revolution. PayEase is one of 22 companies that are licensed to process mobile payments in China, and the company offers services throughout the nation, making it a powerful force in the Chinese market.

PayEase has a strong presence in China

PayEase also boasts of a connection to 98% of China’s banks and four international financial service companies, such as MasterCard. Both Amazon and Apple are among PayEase’s customers and the firm has been experiencing a period of success that has made it one of the more prominent payment processors in China. By extension, this provides Mozido with a strong foothold in the Chinese market, which has become very competitive in recent years.


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Mozido could capitalize on the growing popularity of mobile payments in China

China Mobile payments technology commerceMozido has been deploying its payment services throughout the world, but China has proven to be a difficult market to break into. Competition from larger companies is one of the reasons for this, but many Chinese laws also show favor for domestic companies, making it more difficult for foreign companies to do business in the country. With mobile payments growing in China, however, companies like Mozido are looking for ways to break into the market at whatever cost.

Rumors hint at potential partnership between Apple and Alipay

Competition in the Chinese market will likely only increase in the coming years. There are rumors that suggest that Apple may be partnering with Alipay to launch new mobile payments services in the country. Alipay is owned by Alibaba, which is one of the world’s largest and most successful e-commerce organizations. Such a partnership would open the Chinese market to Apple, but there is no telling whether or not rumors of this partnership are true.

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