L’Oreal Paris to develop an augmented reality beauty application

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The cosmetics brand has entered into a new deal with Image Metrics in order to make this happen.

L’Oreal Paris is currently looking into a new way to develop its augmented reality beauty app called Makeup Genius, through the creation of a new exclusive partnership with the AR tech company called Image Metrics.

The Makeup Genius mobile app was first launched back in 2014 in the form of a real-time AR mirror.

That experience was also created by Image Metrics in order to allow people to apply virtual makeup and view the results by way of augmented reality in real time. The results can also be shared over social media to obtain feedback before the user actually decides whether or not he or she would like to purchase what was tested. The application provides users with access to the complete range of L’Oreal products. It already boasts nearly 20 million users around the globe.

L’Oreal has stated that this new deal will make it possible to add several new features to the augmented reality experience.

augmented reality mirror makeup cosmetics lipstick mobile paymentsBeyond the features, the mobile app will also include various functionalities that have been created “to keep the instant ‘WOW’ effect alive,” for both current and future application users. According to the global president of L’Oreal Paris, Cyril Chapuy, “Entering this new era with Image Metrics will allow us to explore new possibilities and connect more than ever with consumers and offer them an easy, personalized and truly useful beauty e-routine.”

Metrics, an American company, has a specialty in face detection and analysis research in addition to providing advanced tracking tech, making it possible to place digital objects in AR scenes with great precision.

The tech from the brand has already been used in powering several video games and movies, in addition to a number of popular social networking apps. Ron Ryder, the CEO of Metrics, has already promised that the users of Makeup Genius will enjoy an “increasingly immersive and stunningly real” experience.

L’Oreal Paris is only one of a growing number of brands that are stepping into the connected experience in the beauty industry. Augmented reality was also behind the updates in the Go app from Sephora, which occurred in January.

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