Braintree sees a bright future ahead for mobile payments

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Braintree predicts that mobile commerce will evolve quickly over next few years

Braintree, a leading mobile payments service provider, believes that mobile commerce will change dramatically over the next few years. Mobile commerce is still a relatively new concept, but it has risen to prominent is a short amount of time. Consumers have shown a great deal of interest in mobile payments because of its convenience, and the number of people participating in these payments is growing on a seemingly daily basis. Braintree believes that mobile commerce will evolve rather quickly over time as more people become involved in the sector.

One-touch buying may soon become the norm in the mobile field

According to Braintree, one-touch buying will help define the future of mobile commerce. One-touch experiences on mobile devices are becoming more common, and those that do not provide one-touch experiences to consumers may be in danger of being left behind. Being able to purchase a product with a single touch of the finger is based on the convenient concept of mobile commerce and may help open the way for more enjoyable shopping experiences for consumers.


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Context-driven commerce services may become more common

mobile payments moneyContext-driven commerce will also likely help shape the future of mobile shopping. Google Now is a service that provides users with contextual information about various things throughout the day. Such a service could be used to give consumers shopping opportunities, based on the information they provide. Braintree believes that many merchants will begin using applications and services that offer this experience to consumers.

Companies may need to be flexible with mobile services if they want to find continued success

Braintree also believes that flexibility will be one of the most important qualities of successful mobile payment platforms. Currently, companies tend to favor one mobile commerce platform over another, but this is not something consumers to tend do. Most consumers make use of a variety of mobile commerce applications, opting to move from one to the next as they see fit. Companies that support a wide variety of services may find it easier to connect with consumers in an effective manner.

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