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The YotaPhone 2 receives high praise for its 2 screens

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At the same time, reviewers have been applauding the lack of gimmicks despite its unique design.

The YotaPhone 2 seems to have done something that many other mobile devices only wish that they could have accomplished, and that is to have become a hybrid gadget that hasn’t generated a massive letdown among reviewers and consumers.

The device seems to have brought together two useful things without compromising too much of what makes each great.

The YotaPhone 2 is an Android based smartphone that has a 5 inch color display on one side, and a 4.7 inch e-paper display on the reverse. While this does sound as though it is a recipe for becoming gimmicky, those who have used it have argued that this is far from the truth. Even many skeptics have been rapidly converted. The black and white screen is easily and effectively usable as an e-reader, as well as an always-on display for the time, the weather, and other simple tasks, without draining the battery.

The YotaPhone 2 appears to have sneaked its way into the holiday shopping market just in time for great reviews.

Yotaphone 2This smartphone does everything that one would expect from a typical Android mobile device, but then adds the e-paper functionality that offers additional options and functions that won’t suck the battery dry. The YotaApps are already bundled onto the device, offering several options of games and other features to play and use on the e-paper display, including Sudoku, checkers, and YotaRRS.

CEO of the company behind this innovative mobile device, Vlad Martynov, also recently announced that it would be integrated with Twitter, suggesting that there is growth in the area of the apps that will be available on the side of the device requiring low battery power. That said, this smartphone is already equipped with what is called a YotaMirror mode, which allows the complete Android experience to be possible on the black and white side, meaning that any app can be used on the rear e-paper screen.

That said, it is important to note that not every app will run ideally on the e-paper side of the YotaPhone 2, as that side is notably slower. It does, however, provide a great option to use in case of battery emergencies, when the full power display would be too much for the amount of juice left in the device.

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