Augmented reality development tools released by ARlab

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Company releases new augmented reality development tools to assist the adoption of interactive technology

ARlab, a developer of augmented reality software and tools, is looking to make it easier for software developers to incorporate augmented reality into their applications. The company has released new developer tools that are designed to remove the complexity from augmented reality, allowing developers to focus more on the concept of their applications rather than its structure. The new developer tools, called AR Browser and Image Matching, are designed to be used with Android and iOS platforms.

Augmented reality continues to gain ground in mobile applications sector

Augmented reality is growing in popularity in the mobile applications space. The technology has enabled consumers to experience the world around them in a new way. This has made the technology a favorite for consumers that are interested in interactions between the physical and digital worlds. For developers, augmented reality can be somewhat complicated. By providing developers with tools that soften the learning curve, ARlab believes that it can expand the reach of augmented reality to more consumers.

Tools remove some of the complexity associated with augmented reality

According to ARlab, the AR Browser tool can implementing augmented reality geo-location features into an application in less than five minutes. Image Matching can utilize a smart phone’s internal hardware to process visual data in a matter of milliseconds, producing results quickly and efficiently. Developers will only need to provide the images and the engine required for the application for the tools to do their work.

ARlab launches Linkar to provide developers with community and additional resources

Developers will be able to find solutions to the problems they face with the tools and share their ideas with others through the newly launched Linkar community. Linkar has been introduced by ARlab to provide developers with a space where they can find the resources they need to make better use of augmented reality technology. Linkar, along with ARlab’s developer tools, are expected to expand the availability of augmented reality applications and make consumers more comfortable with the technology and its various uses.

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