Augmented reality development tools released by ARlab

image recognition

Company releases new augmented reality development tools to assist the adoption of interactive technology ARlab, a developer of augmented reality software and tools, is looking to make it easier for software developers to incorporate augmented reality into their applications. The company has released new developer tools that are designed to remove the complexity from augmented reality, allowing developers to focus more on the concept of their applications rather than its structure. The new developer tools, called AR Browser and Image Matching, are designed to be used with Android and iOS…

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Saga Travel affixed 2012 brochures with augmented reality experiences

Travel Apps

Early last year, QR codes were a growing trend in the travel and tourism industries. The codes allowed travel agencies to quickly distribute information concerning popular locations around the world. Some states in the U.S. used the codes to promote tourism and local businesses with varying degrees of success. While QR codes have proven their value to these industries, augmented reality may soon become the tool of choice for travel agencies. Such is the case with Saga Travel, a travel agency based in the UK. The agency has embedded an…

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AR browser Junaio receives update enabling it to scan QR codes

Junaio App

As augmented reality continues to grow more advanced, real life may be becoming more like the Internet. Metaio, an augmented reality developing firm based in Germany, aims to make this a reality with their AR browser Junaio. The application allows users to see a world integrated with virtual reality, enabling them to interact with the digital aspects as they would while browsing the Internet. Despite the appeal of augmented reality, a mobile app does not seem complete if it cannot scan barcodes. So, Metaio has updated their platform so that…

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Augmented reality shows promising signs of practical use in the near future


Though augmented reality was still only in its experimental stages two years ago, it is showing signs of truly coming into its own through the latest commonly used and readily available technologies. Augmented reality is a cutting edge electronics industry innovation which superimposes audio, graphics, and other sensory enhancements from the screen onto an environment in real time. Though images on television and other standard graphics technologies don’t change with the perspective of the viewer, augmented reality systems let the viewer change what is seen through movements of the eyes…

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Autonomy, makers of the popular Aurasma AR platform, report growth since the applications launch

Aurasma AR App

Augmented reality is gaining traction all over the world. AR has captured the interest of businesses looking to embolden their presence in a world that is growing more integrated with technology. Autonomy, a technology company known for its innovative products, has been something of a pioneer in this field with their new AR platform Aurasma. Since its release back in May of this year, Aurasma has drawn the attention of several big-name companies, including Nokia. Aurasma has garnered acclaim for its advanced use of augmented reality. In using the platform,…

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