Wikitude to provide development tools for makers of augmented reality games

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Game industry continues to show interest in augmented reality

Wikitude GmbH, developers of the popular Wikitude augmented reality application, has announced a number of updates to its platform, one of which will allow software developers to make their own augmented reality games. Augmented reality has recently seen extensive use in the gaming industry. Developers have shown favor for the technology because of its interactive nature. Augmented reality can turn any environment into a digital playground, which has become a popular prospect amongst consumers.

Wikitude ARchitect Engine to be open to mobile game developers

Developers will be using Wikiude’s ARchitect Engine, which will support augmented reality games. The platform has already bred three such games; Bubble Tap, Spice Attack and Swat the Fly. These games make use of the platform’s motion recognition technologies, which are vital to constructing an enjoyable, interactive mobile game. Wikitude will offer a number of tools that will help game developers make use of the platform and create their own augmented reality games.

Industry is experiencing some major changes

The game industry is currently undergoing something of a shift. For decades, the industry has been ruled by console games, with corporations like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo dictating much of the course of the industry. With the advent of mobile technology, smaller game development companies have proven to be a formidable force. These developers have chosen mobile platforms as their favored gaming medium and have shown prowess in developing games that are well suited for mobile devices.

More developers begin to respond to the demand for augmented reality games

Augmented reality brought further change to the industry, giving mobile games developers a strong competitive edge against companies that are primarily concerned with consoles. With Wikitude, and other augmented reality platforms, providing development tools to a wider audience, this trend is likely to continue. Augmented reality has already proven to be a favorite among tech-savvy gamers tethered to their mobile devices.

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