Does Wearable Technology Have a Future?

google glass wearable technology

Wearable devices are currently considered by many people to be nothing more than a novelty. These devices range from augmented reality glasses to high-tech clothing and everything in between, but their practicality has long been suspect. The idea that wearable devices may actually have some use beyond entertainment and social networking is difficult to justify. While there are some wearable gadgets that can be used to track health information and some that are used during medical procedures, these devices are not typically ideal for their intended purpose.

The practicality of wearable devices is suspect because most of these devices do something that can already be done by smartphones and tablets. These devices are, to some degree, designed to cater only to those that have a serious interest in integrating technology into their daily lives. For others, wearable devices are nothing more than another expensive gadget that will either be replaced in a few months or never be heard of again after initial market failure.

google glass wearable technologyPart of the problem is that most wearable devices don’t do anything innovative to begin with. Augmented reality glasses are designed to change the way people see the world, but no more so than a smartphone or tablet. Conventional mobile devices can support AR technology and allow people to access the same kind of apps and services that are available on AR glasses. Augmented reality has the benefit of being applicable in numerous industries, such as gaming, but wearable devices do not necessarily benefit from this type of diversity.

High-tech clothing is something that could be considered practical, but most of this clothing involves controlling body heat or serves as a waterproof covering. Technology can be integrated into clothing, to some degree, but clothing will likely never have the same features as smartphones and tablets.

While wearable technology is becoming more popular, it may never actually have a practical future. Instead, wearable devices are likely to serve as a sort of stepping stone to something greater. As people become more comfortable with integrating technology into their daily lives, the lines between biology and technology may eventually become blurred. Wearable devices could eventually evolve into integrated devices that do have some practical value.

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