WalletBit introduces ResponsePay platform



New platform could legitimize bitcoins

WalletBit, a mobile commerce company based in Germany, has announced the release of its new mobile payment platform called ResponsePay. ResponsePay is a new platform that facilitates only “bitcoin” transactions. Bitcoins are a form of online currency with no association to any government. This electronic currency is often used online to purchase goods. WalletBit notes that the platform is the first step in the company’s work to make the use of mobile bitcoins to make purchases a reality.

Bitcoins and mobile commerce may go hand-in-hand

Mobile payments are growing more popular all over the world and ResponsePay is designed to capitalize on this growing popularity. Consumers tethered to mobile devices are showing their interest in mobile commerce. As NFC technology becomes more available, more consumers are finding the ability to make payments for goods and services using their smart phones or other mobile devices. WalletBit aims to use the ResponsePay platform to make using bitcoins to pay for goods locally a possibility.

Users of ResponsePay could make purchases using electronic currency

Users of the platform will be able to send and receive bitcoins instantly. The platform is a web application, which means that it is not native to either the Android or iOS application and cannot be unexpectedly removed from either platform. WalletBit has tailored the platform to comply with the needs of both consumers and businesses that may be interested in utilizing bitcoins for transactions.

Bitcoins begin to gain the attention of large businesses

WalletBit currently encompasses more than 712 mobile networks in 212 countries around the world. Though the organization aims to expand the use of bitcoins, the electronic currency has yet to find widespread favor due to its inherently low value. Bitcoins are often criticized as being an Internet gimmick designed to enthrall a younger generation that has a limited concept of commerce. Many larger businesses are beginning to take bitcoins seriously, however, which may suggest that the electronic currency holds merits that could be of benefit to large retail companies.

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