NFC technology marketing campaign gives Barbadillo a shot in the arm

wine nfc technology marketing

The Spanish winemaker is using near field communication tech in its latest consumer-focused effort. Spanish winemaker Barbadillo is working with Thin Film Electronics ASA to use NFC technology marketing to engage consumers via smart products such as smartphones. The goal of the campaign is to provide a more interactive and informative experience for consumers. The NFC technology marketing campaign employs the near field communication tech in the form of SpeedTap tags added to 126,000 “smart” bottles from Castillo de San Diego. The products were added to shelves nationwide and will…

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Picking the right wine just got a little easier

QR Code Wine mobile app

Inspired by the success of their contemporaries, more wineries are flocking to QR codes to boost their mobile marketing power. The codes have been gaining traction with vineyards due to their ability to provide engaging content to consumers. Many are taking advantage of the popularity of social media, using the codes to link to their online profiles and make use of social promotion. Despite some industry leaders initially deeming the codes as a marketing phase, they are being won over by their prowess and versatility. J Vineyards & Winery is…

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QR Codes and Wine: The perfect pairing for mobile marketing success!

The wine industry has been taking a particular interest in QR codes of late. More wineries have been using the codes as a way to connect with customers. With so many turning to mobile technology to meet their needs, Sevencamp, one of the world’s leading providers of custom QR code services, has extended a helping hand to the industry. The company has announced the launching of their new QR management platform “QR4Wine.” “This platform is by far the most cost effective and versatile mobile marketing solution available,” says CEO Mark…

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