Mobile technology can reduce a carbon footprint

environment carbon footprint mobile technology

Recent predictions have said smartphones and similar tech slash emissions by 180 million metric tons. According to a report that was recently released by Carbon Trust, the use of mobile technology is contributing to the ability to avoid the addition of 180 million metric tons of carbon emissions into the air throughout Europe and the United States. That amount represents about five times the level of emissions that are required to operate mobile networks. The report stated that the savings in carbon emissions by mobile technology are the direct result…

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Fake mobile technology towers are tracking device users

cell tower mobile technology

In some areas of the U.S., police are using the masts to “trick” smartphones into revealing their locations. The results of a recent investigation that was conducted by USA Today has revealed that police in some areas regularly use artificial mobile technology towers for the purposes of tracking smartphone users. These towers connect to smartphones in order to fool them into disclosing their current locations. This mobile technology isn’t being used on the regular public. Instead, it is being applied to a location tracking effort for criminals. However, that isn’t…

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Amazon drones could use smartphone technology to locate customers

Amazon Drones Augmented Reality Delivery Shipping

The online marketplace has been looking into this delivery technology for some time and is filing many patents. At this point, it doesn’t come as a surprise to many that Amazon drones are in the works at the massive online marketplace, which loves to invest in the creation of new and potentially revolutionary forms of technology, but recent patent application publications have revealed a great deal more as to the way that the delivery system could end up functioning. These UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) may be able to track a…

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Will Google expand mobile technology offerings to wireless service?

google browser texting

Recent reports have suggested that the internet giant is seeking to work with two leading U.S. carriers. Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal have shown that Google’s reach into mobile technology could soon be expanding to an all new level, as it may one day start selling wireless service directly to consumers. This is only one of a broad range of different expansions being made by the company, from tech development to insurance sales. This latest mobile technology move reportedly involves talks between Google and two of the largest…

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December release for the BlackBerry Classic Q20

blackberry bold - similar to BlackBerry Classic Q20

John Chen, the company’s CEO, made the announcement at MIT where he was a keynote presenter. While still at the peak of the wave of success created by its recently released Passport smartphone, the company has now announced that the BlackBerry Classic Q20 will be available for purchase in December. This BlackBerry smartphone has been designed to mirror the company’s most popular handsets, with a QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Classic Q20 will not only feature the popular keyboard made out of actual keys as opposed to a touchscreen, but it…

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The FTC makes technology news with a lawsuit against AT&T

AT&T mobile security technology news

Federal officials have revealed that they are suing the cellular giant for the deception of millions of customers. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made technology news when they filed a lawsuit against the second largest American cellular carrier, AT&T, for the alleged deception of millions of their customers through the sale of what was labeled as “unlimited” data plans that were later restricted through the reduction of internet speeds. When consumers had reached a certain amount of data usage, their internet speeds were “throttled” by slowing down. According…

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Mobile technology is becoming increasingly important to workers on the job

business mobile technology

Businesses and employees, alike, are finding that smartphones and tablets dependence is growing. The results of a new survey have now been released and are suggesting that companies and employees in Canada are becoming more dependent on mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, in order to be able to complete their regular tasks and responsibilities. The research indicated that 64 percent of businesses in the country use mobile devices for their regular functions. The mobile technology study was conducted by the Bank of Montreal (BMO) and discovered that while…

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Smartphone market sees over 300 million device shipments in second quarter

android smartphone market

Figures show that the lead held by Android is continuing to grow within this competitive marketplace. According to some of the most recent IDC reports, the mobile device shipments in the smartphone market during the second quarter of 2014 reached a record breaking 301.3 million. These sales figures were given a considerable boost by the Android based devices sold for less than $200. At the moment, Android smartphones under that price limit have given the operating system a considerable boost in its popularity. That O.S. now holds 84.7 percent of…

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Mobile technology achieves astounding growth in Africa

africa mobile technology

Innovation is reaching an explosive rate in the continent in a range of different sectors. The massive penetration of mobile technology in Africa, and the unique situation of the economies and cultures throughout its nations have provided a nearly ideal circumstance for innovation in these devices in a tremendous range of sectors from energy to banking and from education to agriculture. These cell phones, smartphones, tablets and other small screen devices are being used to solve widespread problems. According to the publisher and editor of Stuff magazine’s South African version,…

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Mobile Technology and its Impact on Society

mobile technology people

Society is becoming more mobile-centric on a seemingly daily basis. Smartphones and tablets are playing bigger roles in people’s daily lives, and this is especially true as businesses and social organizations begin to become more mobile-centric themselves. The idea of mobility is quite attractive. In the past, people could only access the Internet and digital services from their desktop computers. Now, access to the digital world is everywhere and this constant connection has had a major impact on society as a whole. Because of a constant connection to the Internet,…

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Smartphone technology penetration in the U.S. breaks previous records

android smartphone market

comScore has recently released its data regarding the ownership of mobile phones. According to the some of the latest figures that have been released by comScore, smartphone technology has now reached a penetration rate in the United States that is far greater than it has ever been. This report took the figures into account for the quarter that came to a close on October 31. The comScore MobiLens and the Mobile Metrix are now available. They are providers of the key trends in terms of the U.S. smartphone technology industry.…

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