Mcommerce expected to bring £11 billion in U.K. sales in 2012

mobile commerce and NFC technology

This year, retail mobile apps should generate sales growth by about 23 percent. The results of a new Netsuite study have been released in their latest report, and have shown that mcommerce apps among high street retailers in the United Kingdom will increase from 70 percent to 80 percent. This includes those that have stated that they intend to have at least one within the next year. The leading platforms for retail mcommerce applications are iOS (at 48 percent), Android (at 45 percent), Windows Phone (at 30 percent) and Blackberry…

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Mcommerce scramble being faced by large retailers like Walmart

Walmart m-commerce gadgets exchange

The retail giant is trying to bring itself forward from having fallen far behind in mobile. A recent mcommerce study performed by comScore showed that almost 86 million consumers – translating to four of every owners of a smartphone – had accessed retail websites using that device in July by way of mobile apps. Brick and mortar retailers are finding themselves falling far behind those that have already excelled online. For example, Best Buy and Walmart are finding themselves dragging increasingly further behind the online giants such as eBay and…

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Mcommerce websites are lacking in over 4 out of every 5 UK fashion retailers

Mobile commerce shopping trends

84 percent of businesses in this industry aren’t catering to smartphone customers. Despite the fact that nearly 90 percent of British fashion retailers believe that mcommerce should be a vital part of their business, a recent poll has shown that the vast majority has failed to do much about it. The MoPowered research showed that many factors are holding businesses back from mobile commerce. Among those factors are the perception of high costs, concerns regarding security, and a lack of adequate resources in order to achieve the necessary goals. At…

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Mcommerce showing notable progress among retailers, according to new study

Mobile commerce

CrossView research has also shown advancement in consistent marketing promotions and social sharing. Multichannel mcommerce solutions and services provider, CrossView Inc., has just released the results of its Cross Channel Readiness survey for 2012, which examined the behaviors of retailers across a number of different categories in order to measure improvements and declines in online, in-store, mobile, and phone shopping. It performed this examination with a consistent brand experience in mind. The research this year showed that there has been a significant improvement in a number of vital areas when…

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