Cheap mobile marketing tools help level the playing field for small businesses

QR Code Marketing

Mobile marketing has made its way to Green Bay, Wisconsin. QR codes are starting to spring up everywhere in the city as more local businesses take advantage of them. The codes have a unique advertising appeal that is unmatched by any other marketing method. As smart phone use becomes more widespread, QR codes are being recognized for their ability to dynamically engage consumers, drawing them in where traditional advertising fails. Larry Obermann, owner of Fastsigns, a company specializing in visual communications solutions, has become a fan of the little black…

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Slap a QR Code on it…why not!

QR Codes

Residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are beginning to see QR codes popping up all over the place. The city first began using the codes as part of a campaign to provide better service to tourists, giving them access to information on local businesses and events. As mobile technology continues to establish is presence in society, QR codes have become a way for small businesses to compete with their much larger counterparts. QR codes are experiencing the same boom in popularity in the U.S. that they did in Japan. Originally…

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Election signs sporting QR codes give campaign an edge

Politics is often characterized as a battlefield. The political arena, as it were, can certainly seem as such, given the amount of verbal warfare coming from both sides. Fitting of the characterization, politicians are often on the lookout for new ways to edge out their opponents, clinging to every advantage as though it meant sure victory. As society – the next generation of young voters in particular – embracing mobile technology, can politicians engage tech-savvy voters by using QR codes? Andrew Lang, the Liberal candidate for Toronto-Danforth, Canada, believes that…

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