This week’s Mobile Commerce Round Up

mobile commerce TV

Below find our notes of this week in Mobile Commerce… QR codes are used, but not for purchasing A Euromonitor retail technology survey shows that QR codes are being scanned by consumers, but not in order to purchase products. The survey suggests that consumers are significantly more likely to use the codes to obtain information on products rather than buy them.  Survey shows that approximately 40% of consumers use the codes in this way. QR codes used in Wisconsin elementary school for book recommendations. A new project involving the fifth…

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QR codes generate strong response rates from magazine ads

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

Research shows that the outcomes of those campaigns are better than direct mail. The results of a recent study have shown that QR codes that are included in the ads in print magazines are producing notably better response rates than those seen from more traditional forms of direct mail marketing. This success is generating support for the mobile marketing technique, where some doubt had remained. Throughout the second quarter of 2012, there were more than 2,200 mobile barcodes used in the top American print magazines. This was an increase of…

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QR codes are being scanned 96 percent more this year

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

The mobile barcodes have taken off among European smartphone owners. A new comScore report has shown that the number of smartphone users in Europe who have scanned QR codes has increased by 96 percent over the same three month period (ending July 2012) in 2011. The research examined the impact and activity of mcommerce overall in the continent. It included the usage of QR codes in the five largest markets in Europe (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy). What it discovered was that three out of every four…

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13 percent of consumers in Europe have scanned an outdoor QR code advertisement

QR Code Display

According to the results of research from CBS outdoor and Kantar Media, only 13 percent of consumers in Europe have ever scanned an outdoor advertisement’s QR code. That same study indicated that the awareness of these two dimensional barcodes among consumers has reached about 40 percent. Equally, though, when compared to other forms of mobile interactive technologies, QR codes have shown a very positive performance. The report of the research findings, entitled “Interactive Europe”, was created based on an analysis of both a quantitative and qualitative nature, spanning 6 different…

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ScanLife report shows that QR codes and UPC barcodes are gaining ground with consumers in the U.S.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

The latest Trend Report from ScanLife, a mobile marketing company, shows that the popularity of QR codes and UPC barcodes is growing in the U.S. These codes have been around for decades but consumers have only recently become aware of their existence. The report shows that 2D barcodes are beating traditional 1D barcodes, such as UPC codes, in popularity. This is due, primarily, to the fact that QR codes are much more dynamic than their counterparts, allowing consumers to gain access to a wealth of digital content by scanning them…

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