This week’s Mobile Commerce Round Up

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Below find our notes of this week in Mobile Commerce…

QR codes are used, but not for purchasing

A Euromonitor retail technology survey shows that QR codes are being scanned by consumers, but not in order to purchase products. The survey suggests that consumers are significantly more likely to use the codes to obtain information on products rather than buy them. 

Survey shows that approximately 40% of consumers use the codes in this way.

QR codes used in Wisconsin elementary school for book recommendations. A new project involving the fifth grade students from Woodside Elementary School in Sussex, Wisconsin, has allowed the children to use QR codes to identify their book recommendations at the local public library.The Pauline Haass Public Library now features the QR codes within the children’s area for this initiative.

QR codes are being used to promote literacy and may be an effective tool as children become increasingly attached to technology. 

Wearable augmented reality field is heating up

Google may have some new competition when it comes to augmented reality glasses.

Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi has unveiled his own wearable augmented reality system, called Telepathy One.

The purpose of the Telepathy One is to allow users to easily share videos and intimate moments in real time through the use of AR technology and could be available as early as January 2014. 

Mobile commerce adoption to increase by 73 percent in the Netherlands

The revenues generated through mobile commerce in the Netherlands increased in the second half of 2012, to bring them to €310 million.

This represents an increase of 73 percent over the number of mobile commerce users from a year before.

Apparel, books, and sporting goods were among the most shopped sectors in the Netherlands. 

Mobile payments at Starbucks approaching a weekly 4 million transactions

Starbucks is continuing to report very impressive numbers for the use of mobile payments in its cafes.

There are now over 10 million active users of the company’s mobile payments application, accounting for some 4 million transactions every week.

New reward program for those making mobile payments expected to be launched this month.