QR codes and UPC barcodes help consumers recycle

QR Codes help encourage recycling

A new quick response code based program informs people about local systems for ensuring products don’t end in landfills. A program called Recycle now has implemented a new system that uses different types of barcodes, such as UPC and QR codes, in order to give people the opportunity to scan them and discover more information with regards to the proper disposal of a certain product or package, within their local area. Scanning the quick response code brings about the product’s name, picture, and description. To use the QR codes, the…

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QR codes provide Russian literature to Moscow metro riders

teen mobile payments texting train bus qr codes

A new program has been launched to offer access to over 100 works to commuters with smartphones and tablets. Commuters who carry smartphones and tablets with them as they ride the Moscow metro system now have a new opportunity available to them, and all they need to do is use their devices to scan QR codes in order to obtain it. This quick response code based program offers access to an extensive and free virtual library service. The program has already been launched and it involves the display of more…

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QR codes help with Chinese garbage disposal

garbage program qr codes

A community in Hangzhou has started using quick response codes to help with proper trash disposal. In the ancient city in China called Hangzhou, a community along Shiba Street has come together to take part in a trial program that uses QR codes to help to guide people through the proper use of its “Intelligent Garbage Disposal” system. All of the households in the area are provided with bags that have quick response codes to indicate their purpose. The households receive bags with QR codes that are designated for “food…

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QR codes in Gloucester used to report antisocial behaviors

QR Codes and mobile Security

A council in the U.K has decided to use common modern technology to help correct local behavior problems. A new partnership has formed between Gloucester City Homes, the Community Safety Partnership at the Gloucester City Council, and the police, which has been called Project Solace, and which uses QR codes to help people to combat antisocial behaviors in their community. The technology is meant to help people to use their smartphones to report Gloucestershire behavior issues. The QR codes can be scanned by smartphone and tablet users who have a…

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QR codes used in Wisconsin elementary school for book recommendations

QR codes book school mobile shopping

Fifth graders from the Woodside Elementary School are using barcodes to recommend their favorites. A new project involving the fifth grade students from Woodside Elementary School in Sussex, Wisconsin, has allowed the children to use QR codes to identify their book recommendations at the local public library. The school is using the barcodes to let students share their opinions about books with the community. The Pauline Haass Public Library now features the QR codes within the children’s area. This allows members of the community to visit the library and use…

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