QR codes provide Russian literature to Moscow metro riders

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A new program has been launched to offer access to over 100 works to commuters with smartphones and tablets.

Commuters who carry smartphones and tablets with them as they ride the Moscow metro system now have a new opportunity available to them, and all they need to do is use their devices to scan QR codes in order to obtain it.

This quick response code based program offers access to an extensive and free virtual library service.

The program has already been launched and it involves the display of more than 30 posters that feature QR codes. These have been hung in various places throughout underground stations and, when scanned by commuters, direct those commuters to a digital library that includes more than 100 different books. These are all Russian classics by internationally known authors such as Chekhov, Pushkin, Bulgakov, Lermontov, and Gogol.

These posters with QR codes have been strategically placed in the busiest metro stations in the city.

teen mobile texting train bus qr codesAmong the stations where these posters with quick response codes can be found throughout Moscow include Dinamo, Krasnye Vorota, and Belorusskya. Therefore, commuters that make their way through the busiest stations in the city as they head to and from work or school can scan the QRcode as they wait, and then browse through a long list of books that are available to them for free.

This will provide them with a good book with a classic story that they can enjoy as they pass the time on their journeys from point A to point B, or even at other points in the day. This program is currently in its trial phase, but the developers believe that the full virtual library version will become available to users well before the end of the month.

The press department for the metro service in the city stated that the placement of the posters with the QR codes is also being tested and that there are more posters that will soon be appearing in other locations, such as within the actual train cars, themselves. This will give even more riders the opportunity to spot and scan the barcodes, and find the books they want.

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