QR codes in Gloucester used to report antisocial behaviors

QR Codes and mobile Security
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QR Codes and mobile SecurityA council in the U.K has decided to use common modern technology to help correct local behavior problems.

A new partnership has formed between Gloucester City Homes, the Community Safety Partnership at the Gloucester City Council, and the police, which has been called Project Solace, and which uses QR codes to help people to combat antisocial behaviors in their community.

The technology is meant to help people to use their smartphones to report Gloucestershire behavior issues.

The QR codes can be scanned by smartphone and tablet users who have a free scanning app installed on the device, so that they can make a report of an antisocial behavior (ASB) that they have witnessed. The scan brings the user directly to a form that can be quickly and easily completed for this purpose.

The goal is to use the QR codes to be able to identify and hopefully later discourage these ASBs.

The project was created by the senior ASB officer at Project Solace, Emily Jones. The concept is to use QR codes to make it easier and faster for everyday people to be able to draw the attention of the right officials in order to deal with problem behaviors that are occurring within the area.


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According to Jones, “I don’t think anyone else in the country is using a QR in the same way we are, but I don’t know why not.” She went on to say that “It is designed to make the whole process quicker and easier, and I think it will encourage more young people to report incidents of ASB.”

Jones also pointed out that a large number of the issues that they face are from individuals within the age group of 30 to 40 years old. They are hoping that others within this age group will also choose to use these QR codes.

The QR codes will be printed onto mailers that will be sent out to residents of Gloucester so that they will have them available in case they should need them. Anyone in the county is welcome to use the barcodes and complete the forms in order to report ASBs. The project hopes that this will allow for a much faster response to serious incidents so that everything can be managed and resolved much more quickly.

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