NFC Technology seeing expanded use around the world

NFC Technology

Technology is popular in commerce, but that is not the only use for NFC NFC technology has, almost single-handedly, driven forward the progress of the mobile commerce industry. Because of this, the technology is often considered for its uses in this sector. The uses for the technology are numerous, however, particularly in the marketing industry. As a marketing tool, NFC has been gaining a great deal of attention because of its interactivity. With the number of consumers with mobile devices growing, NFC and other interactive technologies are beginning to dominate…

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QR codes and NFC to be supported by Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag qr codes

Microsoft has announced that its mobile barcode service, Microsoft Tag, will be supporting near field communication (NFC) and QR code technologies. The software giant is hoping that by adding these additional capabilities to its Tag mobile barcode service, it will be able to reduce or even eliminate the current confusion that consumers have regarding the different types of mobile barcodes that are currently available. According to the general manager of Microsoft Tag, Aaron Getz, Microsoft Tag is offering support for the two most common types of two dimensional mobile barcode…

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