NFC technology enabled devices will reach 500 million next year

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Half a billion devices will be equipped with these chips by the year 2014. The number of NFC technology enabled devices that will allow smartphones and tablets to transmit data such as credit card and other payments information will break the 500 million mark by the end of 2014, says a recent report. The latest study from ABI Research has shown that the number of these devices is growing fast. The ABI Research report has indicated that even by the end of this year, there will have been 285 million…

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Panasonic to showcase new line of NFC-enabled appliances

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Panasonic introduces plans to develop interactive appliances Panasonic has released a new series of appliances that can be controlled using an Android mobile device. These appliances are equipped with NFC technology, which allows for wireless, short range data transmission. The Japanese technology company has taken a keen interest in NFC technology and has been experimenting with it extensively in recent years. Panasonic believes that NFC technology could bring a sleuth of enticing features to the world of electronics, many of which may be augmented through the use of cloud computing.…

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NFC tags from Samsung could make mundane tasks more convenient

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NFC begins to expand beyond the boundaries of mobile commerce Famed electronics and telecommunications company Samsung have announced that it will be taking a new approach to NFC technology. For years, companies like Samsung have focused on the financial implications of the technology. Indeed, the technology has been a key component in the rise of the mobile commerce industry. Samsung believes that more can be done with NFC technology, however, and has begun developing a new system that is designed to help make people’s daily lives more convenient. Samsung unveils…

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French airport to trail new NFC system this summer

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Airport adopts NFC technology to streamline its procedures The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France has announced that it will be trialing a new NFC-based system that will be used to modernize the airport’s passenger services. The airport plans to use the new system to allow travelers to pass through its checking and control method using nothing more than a mobile device. Approximately 50 passengers will be selected to participate in the pilot project. These participants will be given NFC-enabled BlackBerry smart phones in order to effectively test the airport’s NFC system.…

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iMPak launches new NFC-enabled health device


Joint venture aims to help those with medical conditions with new device Meridian Health, a health care system based in New Jersey, has announced that its joint venture, iMPak Health, has developed a new affordable health device for consumers. The joint venture has created a mobile device that incorporates NFC technology as a way to provide users with pertinent information concerning their health. iMPak believes that the device will be useful for those that have heart conditions or those that may be at risk of developing heart conditions. NFC-enabled device…

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