The challenges, hopes and technology of NFC

NFC Technology mobile commerce

So why has Apple taken the path of least resistance in NFC technology? Many have been asking this question as well as what is NFC technology and how will it affect me? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a feature that’s come under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years but is quickly emerging as the one piece of technology we simply cannot live without. Tap without Apps NFC enables us to use our phones to pay for products, to pick up information with a tap and to share…

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NFC technology finds its way to business cards

NFC Technology Business Cards reveals new line of business cards equipped with NFC technology, a maker of business cards and other such materials, has announced the incorporation of NFC technology into its products. As society grows more reliant on technology, the need for business cards to adapt to the changing times is becoming more of an issue. Professionals from nearly every industry are beginning to rely heavily on their mobile devices to connect with others. As such, business cards are beginning to become more advanced in order to facilitate these interactions. Business…

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Vizibility opens its NFC program to technology developers attending this year’s SXSW conference in Texas

NFC Technology

Vizibility Inc., an online identity management and professional services firm, has announced that it has opened up 1,000 spots for its previously private NFC beta program. The company has been experimenting with NFC technology for the past several years, hoping to develop a new platform for businesses and individuals to communicate more efficiently. The spots in the program are open only to those attending this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas. Those participating in the program will be given one-year access to Vizibility’s NFC platform at no…

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Nokia opens new online store, hopes to get businesses involved in NFC

Nokia technology news

Nokia is charging ahead with its NFC initiative. The telecom company recently launched a new online store which will offer NFC-enabled marketing materials to businesses around the world. Dubbed the NFC Hub, Nokia is offering to place NFC tags on just about anything, ranging from signboards to business cards. Nokia has been keen to expand the use of NFC technology given the rapid growth of smart phones and the emerging mobile commerce industry. When it comes to NFC, focus is often aimed at the technology’s applications to mobile payments. Several…

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World’s first NFC business cards

Mobile Wallet

NFC technology is becoming very popular in the world of business. NFC has gotten most of its attention because of its use with mobile payments, but the technology is truly multi-faceted and can serve well in a variety of fields. Connectivity is a vital part of the business world and professionals of every industry strive to be well integrated within a network of colleagues and potential clients and partners. Business cards have been, and continue to be, the tool of choice for this effort, and technology is augmenting how these…

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