New innovative mobile measurement technology to be demonstrated in NYC

Mobile measurement technology - tape measure - woman

My Size is gearing up to show off its unique MySizeId app. The Israel-based developer and creator of the mobile measurement technology, My Size Inc., has announced it will be demonstrating its innovative smartphone apparel sizing app at the Curvey Con in New York City, a premier plus-size event, taking place during New York Fashion Week in September. The innovative technology could help boost the sales of apparel retailers. The company believes that its MySizeId app, designed for accurate and personalized apparel sizing, can increase the sales of apparel retail.…

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Pyeongchang Olympics showcase upcoming 5G technology

olympics 5G technology

Special booths were available to Games visitors to try out fifth generation telecommunications tech. The Pyeongchang Olympic Games were a testament to athletic mastery but also featured 5G technology for visitors to try. Booths allowed people to test out the fifth generation telecommunications tech, which is the upcoming system expected to be used in the next Games. The 2020 Tokyo Games will likely use the fifth generation technology as a fresh way to watch sports. These demonstrations have made this year’s Games the first 5G technology Olympics in the world.…

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Pedestrian mobile safety technology undergoing Australian trial

mobile safety technology

Cohda Wireless launched a new pilot program using vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) tech on Adelaide streets. Cohda Wireless announced the beginning of a new mobile safety technology pilot project trialing it s vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) tech on the streets of an Australian city. The tech firm originally created this solution to help cars and motorcycles to avoid colliding with each other via communication. The new pilot program is underway through collaboration with the South Australian Government and Telstra. Cohda Wireless is conducting the first V2P mobile safety technology in Adelaide, the capital of…

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Mobile police technology in Toronto may reduce paperwork for cops

Canadian Police Use mobile police technology

A newly proposed plan would give officers the chance to use technology to keep them away from deskwork. The Toronto Police Service in Canada is looking at using mobile police technology to digitally complete paperwork so they can stay on the beat. This has the potential to greatly reduce the amount of time an officer would need to spend at a desk, keeping him or her out in the community where a bigger difference can be made. This use of mobile technology could allow an officer to do a great…

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Mobile phone use while driving can get your license taken away

mobile phone use car driver

The United Kingdom is now preparing to ban drivers who have been caught twice with smartphones. For some drivers in the U.K., being caught twice for mobile phone use behind the wheel will be enough to be banned from driving. Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is getting ready to make penalties twice as strong. This could mean some drivers won’t just face fines and demerit points, they’ll lose their licenses, too. Smartphone use while driving has led to the deaths of 22 people last year in Great Britain. Now, the…

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HIV infected children can benefit from mobile technology

mobile technology mhealth program Africa

A new program has been designed to use mobile devices to be able to bring hope to these patients. Global HIV specialist company, VIIV Healthcare, has now made an announcement in conjunction with its global partners with regards to the launch of a new program using mobile technology to assist children who have been infected. The program in Lesotho is called “Mobilizing HIV Identification and Treatment” (MHIT). Among the partners in this mobile technology project are the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, ELMA Philantrhopies as well as the American…

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Mobile phones banned at West Craven High School

mobile phones technology school classroom gadgets for teens

A school in the United Kingdom has decided all smarthpones will be banned from its premises. West Craven High School in Barnoldswick in the United Kingdom has now announced that mobile phones are an “unnecessary distraction” and, as such, they will be banned from the premises. The regulation was announced following the student break that occurred over the Easter weekend. The school has deemed mobile phones as a disturbance within the classroom, but it has also stated that these devices have an impact on learning, that they can lead to…

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Mobile technology is becoming a new babysitter for parents

mobile technology kids children

The results of a recent study have shown that kids are often handed smartphones and tablets to keep them quiet. As smartphones and tablets become a regular part of our daily lives, these various forms of mobile technology are starting to be used by parents on an increasing basis, often to help to keep those children calm, says the results of new research. This study placed the spotlight on the reason parents are using smartphones and tablets with their kids. It was conducted by researchers at the C.S. Mott Children’s…

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Mobile technology may make life much easier for the pharmaceuticals industry

mhealth mobile technology health

The idea is that this tech might be able to speed up the process in conducting clinical trials. The pharmaceuticals industry has not been known for taking on mobile technology with any great speed but, more recently, there have been some new developments that could change that trend as well as the nature of clinical trials. Recent innovations have shown that mobile tech could greatly enhance interactions with patients. The idea is that CROs could use mobile technology in order to manage both site and patient interactions by way of…

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Mobile technology may reduce dissatisfaction with money transfers

mobile technology payments money

The frustrations associated with those types of transactions could disappear with smartphones. The results of a recent Amdocs survey have shown that over 83 percent of respondents strongly feel that they would be willing to use a mobile technology device for completing international money transfer transactions. The vast majority of current international money transfer services are not fully satisfying their customers. Among the survey respondents, 82 percent said they were dissatisfied with their experiences in using more traditional services for international transfers through money transfer operators (MTOs) and banks. Nearly…

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Mobile technology can reduce a carbon footprint

environment carbon footprint mobile technology

Recent predictions have said smartphones and similar tech slash emissions by 180 million metric tons. According to a report that was recently released by Carbon Trust, the use of mobile technology is contributing to the ability to avoid the addition of 180 million metric tons of carbon emissions into the air throughout Europe and the United States. That amount represents about five times the level of emissions that are required to operate mobile networks. The report stated that the savings in carbon emissions by mobile technology are the direct result…

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