Mobile payments saw significant U.K. growth last year

Mobile Payments

A new report that monitored the acceptance of smartphone transactions has just been released. A new report from the British market research firm called yStats has just been released which shows the wrap up for the mobile payments use statistics throughout last year and the growth that it experienced. Even though the sector still hasn’t expanded at the predicted rate, it still saw some considerable increases. The most recent report from yStats was called “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2012”. It looked into the growth of mobile payments not only in…

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Hungarian exhibitor at the NFC Word Congress has developed a new method for

NFC techology app

Press Release: A new Hungarian invention unveiled in France by Cellum’s experts may result in a breakthrough in mobile payment. The new innovation enables non-bank or carrier-specific mobile purchases and bill payment and may help accelerate the increase of the international use of contactless NFC technology*. The NFC CellLink technology, an industry first, is first presented to the trade at the NFC Word Congress between 19 and 22 September.* The Cellum Group of Hungary specializes in the development of innovative technologies in mobile commerce and payment. The company’s innovations increase…

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Why businesses are choosing mobile apps as their marketing future

Mobile App Builder

Mobile apps have become quite commonplace today, as businesses and brands race to release new offerings to their consumers. This is not just an attempt by companies to get in on a popular fad, but it is – according to experts – establishing a solid foundation for a trend that is likely to grow as a critical part of any mobile marketing mix. In fact, by 2014, many experts believe that there will be approximately 33 billion mobile apps available from different companies. At the same time, by 2012, the…

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Retailers use the power of mobile to enhance the in-store experience

Mobile commerce for Retailers

As the back to school season hits its peak, retailers are taking advantage of the fact that an increasing number of consumers are using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to comparison shop or obtain information while they are making decisions regarding a purchase. Though brick-and-mortar stores are still using apps to help with online purchases, they are also building apps to help consumers to have an enhanced experience while they are already inside the store. They are trying to improve the way that customers shop, so that…

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