Mobile wallet from MCX sits idle as market grows increasingly crowded

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Smartphone payments are being used on an increasing basis, but the Merchant Customer Exchange is standing still. At a time in which many of the biggest players in tech and the financial industries have been putting out their own mobile wallet apps, one of the most highly anticipated additions to the market has remained notably absent from this market. The Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX) has been talking about its mobile payments, but still has no offerings. The MCX has been discussing the development of its mobile wallet for quite a…

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Mcommerce project continues to add more merchants to the fold

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Dunkin’ Donuts and Gap have both joined the Merchant Consumer Exchange The Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX) mcommerce project has just added another wave of large retailers to its already massive group of participants. This program is meant to form a tremendous mobile commerce platform away from banks and carriers. Among the latest entrants into the MCX world are Gap, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Bed Bath & Beyond. These are only a tiny few to add to the many others that have already jumped on board this massive venture. Among the earlier…

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Mobile commerce system formed by partnership among top American retailers

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Participants include Target, Wal-mart, and 7-Eleven, among others. A group of some of the largest retailers in the United States are coming up with their own mobile commerce platform in order to go head to head with telcos, banks, and technology companies that have already crowded that environment. The system is being called the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). An app for the MCX is already in development and through it, according to the group, consumers will be provided with a “versatile mobile commerce experience that will combine the convenience of…

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