Mobile commerce through direct mail could boost holiday shopping

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

Some of the more traditional techniques are still powerful drivers at this time of year. Every year, the line between offline and online shipping becomes slightly less defined, and mobile commerce has only added to this gray area – particularly as smartphone users bring their devices into the store locations themselves in order to help them with their purchasing decisions. This year, the average holiday shopper will spend an average of $749.51, according to predictions. This is a slight increase over last year, both in terms of online and offline…

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Businesses prepare as consumers increasingly shop with smartphones

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Over the next few years, Google will be leading a dramatic change in the way that data is integrated across offline purchasing behavior as a result of online marketing efforts. As technologies such as near field communication (NFC) chips have become available in mobile phone powered by Android, new products such as Google Wallet have become possible. Google may also choose to follow in the footsteps of other startups such as Punchd, Shopkick, Placecast and Foursquare. Forrester Research is indicating that the web is currently driving five times its measurable…

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Following the AR buzz

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality has the potential to reshape how people live their lives, according to Steven Feiner, a professor of computer science at Columbia University. AR is becoming popular with businesses all over the world. According to a recent study conducted by Juniper Research, market and technology research firms, a growing number of retail brands are opting to incorporate augmented reality experience in the marketing campaigns. Both Sony and Microsoft are using AR for a number of projects as well. While AR is still in its infancy, Feiner says there are…

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