Absentee NFC in iPhone 5 may hurt banks more than Apple

mobile payments technology

iPhone 5 may be missed opportunity for banks looking to promote mobile commerce Earlier this month, Apple officially unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Among the numerous features included in the company’s latest iteration of its popular smart phone, the absence of NFC technology received a great deal of attention. Apple has chosen not to include NFC technology in the new iPhone 5 because of reasons concerning security and the concept that the technology does not solve any problems consumers are facing today. Apple has been criticized for its snub…

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Mobile payments standard not included in iPhone 5

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

NFC has not made its way into the latest Apple device, causing many to question the technology. Near field communication technology (NFC) has already been facing a great deal of struggle to get started, and now this would-be standard for mobile payments has taken another blow with the announcement that the chips are not embedded into the iPhone 5. Now, the prospect of using smartphones as wallets is becoming more heavily questioned. Advocates of NFC had high hopes that Apple would give its endorsement. They were greatly disappointed, though, when…

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Apple debuts iPhone 5

iphone 5

iPhone 5 officially announced by Apple Apple has officially announced its iPhone 5. For months, rumors have raged throughout the Internet regarding the mobile device and its capabilities. Many of these rumors hinted at the device would be equipped with NFC technology. These rumors were largely based on information concerning the Passbook application, which is to be a significant feature of the iOS 6 operating system, as well as leaked photographs showing the construction of the mobile device. Apple has revealed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in…

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“Let’s talk iPhone” meant only a 4S, not a 5

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Though the long awaited “Let’s talk iPhone” event drew the attention of the world that was holding its breath following months of speculations from experts, analysts, and regular consumers about what would be included in the new iPhone 5, what Apple CEO Tim Cook provided was primarily disappointment with the unveiling of the iPhone 4S, instead. Following the event – the first major media launch for Cook – shares of Apple Inc. fell by 3.7 percent. Former CEO Steve Jobs was not present. According to analyst Colin Gillis of BGC…

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Apple announces an iPhone 5 event in the first week of October

ipad news

Apple has finally confirmed an upcoming iPhone 5 event which will occur on October 4, giving Tim Cook his first opportunity to truly shine outside of the shadow of Steve Jobs. As an unofficial debut as the CEO of Apple Inc., the unveiling of the iPhone 5 will likely provide the best possible device and time for Cook. The keynote event will occur at the Apple Town Hall Auditorium at 10 in the morning (Pacific time) on October 4. Members of the media have been invited to view what is…

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