Electronic invites get injected with high technology

Invitere App

Electronic invites were all the rage when the Internet was still young, but have fallen out of fashion as technology has evolved. Now, sending event invites to friends and family over the Internet has been streamlined by sites like Facebook, but iapps24, a mobile application developer, is looking to make electronic invites more innovative. The company has developed a new app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms that uses augmented reality to provide invitees detailed directions to the location of events. Events of any scale can be difficult to…

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Londinium: Bringing Roman London to life through the use of augmented reality

London Museum

Two millennia have passed since the glory days of the expansive Roman Empire, yet the civilization has lost none of its intrigue. For centuries, archeologists have been discovering ancient artifacts from the height of the Empire in places that were least expected. In recent years, the discovery that the Romans has spread as far as Britain shook previous theories about the reach of the Empire to their core. Indeed, London was once a territory of the Empire, and now the Museum of London is looking to breathe new life into…

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