Mobile commerce transactions are highest in Japan

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The second quarter figures for 2016 showed that the country had nearly 55 percent conversion rates. Criteo recently released its figures regarding mobile commerce transactions in Q2 2016. They revealed that the conversion rates for m-commerce were highest in Japan, the United Kingdom and South Korea. The performance marketing technology firm underscored that the top spot was held by Japan. These results were compiled after analyzing 1.7 billion transactions from both desktop and mobile sites. The analysis involved annual sales totals worth $720 billion. It involved the figures from more…

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Messaging apps may revolutionize mobile commerce

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Future of mobile shopping and payments may lie with messaging apps Mobile messaging applications may be the future of mobile commerce. A growing number of these apps are being released and many of them are being designed with mobile payments in mind. In some cases, these apps are meant to make mobile shopping more social, allowing users to share their purchases with those they have on their contact lists. Most of these apps simply aim to satisfy the demand coming from consumers who want their applications to do more than…

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Japan may have a promising future with mobile payments

Tokyo Japan mobile payments

Japanese consumers are becoming more mobile Japan has long been heralded as technologically advanced in many ways, especially when it comes to the mobile space. The country has become one of the most prominent markets when it comes to mobile payments. Japanese consumers and businesses alike have expressed enthusiasm when it comes to mobile commerce and this has lead to a great deal of future potential in the mobile market. A new report from Celent, a financial research firm, highlights Japan’s mobile payments potential. Report highlights growth of mobile shopping…

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New mobile commerce service to be launched by NTT Docomo in 2014

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Launch date set for NTT Docomo mobile commerce service NTT Docomo, one of the largest telecommunications and mobile network operators in Japan, has been working to enter into the mobile commerce field for some time. The company has taken note of the rising demand for mobile commerce services. More consumers are becoming interested in mobile commerce because of the simplicity and convenience that it represents. NTT Docomo is set to launch a new NFC-driven mobile commerce service with the help of MasterCard, and the companies plan to launch this service…

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Mobile commerce use greater among Asia Pacific shoppers

mobile commerce asia pacific

People in the APAC region are considerably more likely to shop over smartphones and tablets than other parts of the world. According to the results of a recent SAP survey, shoppers in the Asia Pacific region have a notably greater likelihood of using mobile commerce for shopping as well as for banking services online. The survey also found that they would shop even more than they already do if they had higher mobile security confidence. This recent survey data from SAP showed that among respondents in the Asia Pacific region,…

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New mobile payments service coming to Japan

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MasterCard unveils new mobile payments venture in Japan Mobile payments are attracting strong interest in Japan. Consumers in the country appear to be very open to the idea of mobile commerce and have shown comfort with shopping online via their mobile devices. Indeed, the demand for mobile commerce services in Japan is on the rise and MasterCard is looking to answer the call. MasterCard has teamed with C-SAM and DNP in order to launch a new mobile payments platform that is based on NFC technology. White label platform may be…

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MasterCard aims to bring more mobile commerce services to Japan

Mobile payments credit cards

Mobile commerce is showing strong results in Japan Mobile commerce is making strong progress in Japan and much of this progress is being powered by MasterCard. The prominent credit company has taken a keen interest in mobile commerce in recent years, noting that the concept of mobile payments has become much more than a passing fancy among consumers. Today, more consumers are demanding comprehensive mobile commerce platforms and much of this demand can be found in Japan. MasterCard is eager to meet the demands of consumers by providing them with…

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Mobile commerce draws new capital to Japanese market

Mobile Commerce Trends

Adoption of shopping over smartphones is rapidly growing in Japan leading investors to dive in. One of the most rapidly growing segments in Japan, at the moment, is mobile commerce, which is expanding at an exponential rate within the already healthy online shopping industry in the country. Every year, the size of smartphone shopping jumps forward by a tremendous amount, growing its online share. According to the most recent data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, mobile commerce spiked from 2011 to 2012 by 16.2 percent, bringing it…

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DoCoMo’s Tsujimura speaks out about NFC technology and its place in the U.S. market

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Will NFC technology take off in the US like it has in Japan? Japan’s largest telecommunications company, DoCoMo Inc., has been working to develop its NFC infrastructure and services offered to consumers recently. The company is a leader in mobile technology in Japan and was the first to bring mobile Internet access to the country. The company has big plans to continue being the leading user of NFC technology in Japan, but believes that the technology will find major success in the U.S. DoCoMo senior executive vice president Kiyoyuki Tsujimura…

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Toyota uses Japanese pop-icon Hatsune Miku to promote new 2011 Corolla

Toyota Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been growing in popularity in Japan recently. The nation is well known for its creative, and sometimes mind bending, use of technology. Augmented reality seems to fit well with the demands of consumers, especially when it can be used to bring one of Japan’s most beloved pop music idols to life. Toyota has developed a new augmented reality application that marks the partnership between the automaker’s Corolla brand and one of Japan’s leading music divas, Hatsune Miku. Dubbed “MikuScape,” the application can be used to see Miku…

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U.K. wireless providers work together to accelerate mobile payments

Mobile Commerce Industry

Three of the leading U.K. wireless operators are partnering in an effort to hasten the use of mobile payments which will permit consumers to use their mobile phones and other devices to pay for purchases. The joint venture is among Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile, and Telefonica’s O2. They will be working together to develop a system of mobile commerce that should bring banks, retailers, and advertisers together. There have been discussions over the last few years about near field communications (NFC) which would provide consumers with a secure method of…

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