Augmented reality technology is at the heart of Apple’s future

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In a lengthy interview, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, revealed that AR will be a “core” tech for the company. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed augmented reality technology will become a “core” tech for the iPhone maker. He explained that the company was already “high on AR for the long run.” Cook also said “AR can be huge.” These statements have given a shot in the arm to rumors circulating that products using this tech are in development. The Washington Post recently received a lengthy interview from Cook. In it, he…

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Technology news rumors suggest iPhone 5S could start shipping by August

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The predictions about the next Apple smartphone release are already circulating heavily. The rumor mill is spinning yet again about the latest developments by Apple, and the technology news predictions that are being made about a potential release of the iPhone 5S, which is forecasted to be in August 2013. Naturally, nothing official has been announced from the company, but many sources are adding bits to the assembled knowledge. It is now being suggested from technology news reports in China, that the next iPhone will be called the 5S and…

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