Dirty smartphones could be a hazard to your health

Dirty smartphones - Bacteria

A toilet seat is more than three times cleaner than the average smartphone screen. Dirty smartphones are not uncommon. In fact, over a third of people have never cleaned their phone with a cleaning fluid, sanitary wipes or other similar cleaning products, according to research conducted by Insurance2go. However, this research is even more troubling considering what the company found was that the average smartphone screen is three times dirtier than a toilet seat. Aerobic bacteria, yeast and mold were found on the tested handsets. In its study, the mobile…

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Apple lawsuit filed by customers with slowed iPhones

woman with iphone apple lawsuit

Smartphone owners with models owner than the iPhone 8 are experiencing a deliberate slowdown. Many iPhone owners are not thrilled with their device maker and two separate versions of a class action Apple lawsuit have been filed. These legal actions were taken by a total of five iPhone owners who didn’t appreciate their slow smartphones. Apple had deliberately slowed the processors of devices with older batteries in order to preserve them. The Apple lawsuit isn’t over something that the iPhone maker denies doing. In fact, Apple openly admits to slowing…

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Apple customers may not be interested in mobile payments

apple pay iphone 6s smartphone battery

Report shows the majority of iOS users have not used Apple Pay A new report from PYMNTS shows that the majority of iOS users do not make use of Apple Pay, Apple’s new mobile payments service. The service was launched in October of last year and represents Apple’s first official entry into the mobile payments market. The service managed to obtain significant support from retailers that were interested in engaging mobile consumers, but Apple Pay has struggled to find traction with the only demographic that can use it: iOS users.…

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Apple Pay could make the leap into China’s mobile payments market

Apple maps mobile payments

CEO Tim Cook spent four days in the country and suggested that the service could be rolled out there. It may not be very long before Apple Pay rolls out in the tremendous Chinese market, as the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, suggested this about its mobile payments system when speaking to the state media. Cook explained that the launch of that service within China is at the “top of the list” for his company. Apple Pay was only just launched in the United States, this month, giving consumers…

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Apple Pay mobile payments service launch with over 200,000 retail partners

Apple Music app

Tim Cook announces that Apple Pay launch Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company’s new mobile payment’s service will launch on Monday, October 20. The service is Apple’s first commercial step into the mobile payment space and the company has already generated a great deal of momentum that will help it find success in the competitive market. Apple Pay has won the support of many of the world’s largest financial organizations, and Apple has recently announced that 500 more banks have partnered with the service for its launch.…

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iPhone 6 problems continue as devices bend easily

iphone 6 plus bend

Tight pockets and subjecting the Apple smartphone to force can distort the shape of the device. The iPhone 6 has already sold out in many stores across the United States, showing that the Apple smartphone is exceptionally popular and desirable, but some of those who have managed to get their hands on the device are discovering that there is a downside that is taking away from the joy of ownership. Millions of these mobile devices have already sold since their release earlier this month. While the iPhone 6 remains a…

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Apple iOS 8 release arrived ahead of iPhone and smartwatch

Apple Music app

The latest version of the operating system has now been launched, but not without a few hitches. The company talked about the release of the Apple iOS 8 as being “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store,” so they couldn’t have been thrilled when they had to make the decision to leave one of its most hyped features out of it when it was found to be too buggy. The new operating system was announced by CEO Tim Cook when the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch were…

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Financial institutions interested in mobile payments flock to Apple Pay

qr code transactions mobile payments wallet tablet

Two financial firms announce their support for Apple Pay and the iPhone 6 Beginning next month, iOS users will be able to make mobile payments without any auxiliary device attached to their iPhone. With the launch of Apple Pay and the iPhone 6, Apple is taking its first step into the mobile payments space, and this has attracted the support of prominent financial institutions. Capital One and the Navy Federal Credit Union are the two latest institutions to partner with Apple and its mobile payment service. Capital One and Navy…

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Weve abandons plans for a mobile payments platform

Mobile payments trends wallet

Weve has announced that it will no longer be developing a mobile wallet platform Weve, a joint venture from EE, O2, and Vodafone, has abandoned plans to develop a new mobile wallet that was meant to make it easier for banks and retailers to engage mobile consumers. The company has been making an effort to break into the mobile commerce space of the United Kingdom. Thus far, Weve has found only moderate success, but it has been able to help its parent companies establish a stronger foothold in the realm…

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MasterCard launches new digital token mobile payments service

NFC mastercard Facebook Messenger QR codes

New service from MasterCard aims to make mobile commerce more secure and convenient MasterCard has announced the launch of a new service that is meant to make mobile payments more secure and convenient. The MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) is designed to “tokenize” a consumer’s financial information, making it more secure against exploitation. Security is one of the major concerns consumers have when participating in mobile commerce. Because some mobile platforms and services are not protected by comprehensive security measures, consumer financial information can sometimes be put at risk. Digital…

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Apple breaks into mobile payments

apple event mobile iPhones

iPhone 6 revealed, representing Apple’s first real step into mobile payments Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, showcasing the advanced design and new features of these devices. Notably, the iPhone 6 will be equipped with a larger screen, better hardware, and more support for mobile wallets and mobile payments. The device represents Apple’s first real foray into the mobile payment field. The company has been slow to warm to the concept of digital commerce due to security concerns and the lack of an effective technology…

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