Mobile payments app from PicPay brings new option to Brazil

Brazil mobile payments qr codes

The Brazilian company has now launched its smartphone application within the country. The mobile payments marketplace in South America has just gained another player that will help it to gain more traction, as PicPay has now unveiled its new QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones in order to allow the users to make purchases. This service has been unveiled for use among Brazilian smartphone users. The app was created by a small startup which has already managed to partner up with a number of different Brazilian retailers, and…

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Mobile payments saw significant U.K. growth last year

Mobile Payments

A new report that monitored the acceptance of smartphone transactions has just been released. A new report from the British market research firm called yStats has just been released which shows the wrap up for the mobile payments use statistics throughout last year and the growth that it experienced. Even though the sector still hasn’t expanded at the predicted rate, it still saw some considerable increases. The most recent report from yStats was called “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2012”. It looked into the growth of mobile payments not only in…

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Mobile commerce in Canada could see top numbers in smartphone payments

Canadian Mobile payments

Canadian mobile commerce companies may experience record number of payments made over smartphones. As the news is released that the initial launch of the first smartphone payments for mobile commerce could be in as little as six months, thousands of retailers in Canada have already integrated the necessary equipment to make it possible for consumers to use those devices to pay for their purchases. This has made the country a leader in the development of a mobile payment system, causing many to start speculating if it could make cash obsolete…

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Visa says mobile payments won’t lead to EM cards’ demise

Mobile payments credit cards

An executive from Visa has reported that EM cards aren’t doomed due to the rise of mobile payments. The head of Visa Inc.’s non-U.S. operations has released a statement while in Singapore, saying that there is still a future in plastic credit cards, despite the growth and aggressive promotion of mobile payments and their various platforms. Even though there has been a tremendous rise in the number of systems catering to smartphones – particularly in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia – the fact that these same nations are…

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Taiwan to work to establish mobile commerce foundation next year

Taiwan Mobile wallet commerce

Mobile commerce is expected to take off in Taiwan next year as more telecommunications companies begin to adopt NFC technology. Far EasTone, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country, has announced that it will be working with the other four telecom companies in Taiwan to build a foundation for mobile commerce. Together, the companies expect that the number of NFC-enabled smart phones in the country will surpass 100,000, which means that mobile commerce market will be ripe with potential. The new telecommunications coalition has met with the Bankers…

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