Mcommerce to play a vital role in UK sales over next decade

Mobile commerce and the future

New report releases results of predictions regarding online shopping by 2022. A new retail report has been released by the Economist Intelligence Unit which showed the way that the retail sector will be changing throughout the next decade due to e- and mcommerce as well as social media sales (s-commerce). It showed that all online purchases will make up more than one third of the sales in the U.K by 2022. At the moment, the combination of s-, e- and mcommerce make up around 10 percent of sales in the…

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Mobile commerce trends are causing many businesses to fall behind

Mobile Commerce Trends

The 2012 most popular strategies still have some companies scratching their heads. The marketing trends in Mobile commerce are whipping forward at such a dramatic pace, that many businesses – large and small – are left wondering how they ever hope to keep up with the pace. But what they should be asking themselves is if they have taken the steps to use the more established techniques. Instead of allowing themselves to become overwhelmed with the vast universe of opportunities presented by m-commerce, businesses should instead look into the most…

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CEO of eBay says the future is mobile

mobile payments John Donahoe, CEO of ebay

eBay CEO, John Donahoe, spoke at the Open Mobile Summit and stated that consumers are looking for the cheapest price, regardless of where they make the purchase, which means that the future is mobile and not e-commerce. He explained that as mobile is used more widely, the line between conventional retail and e-commerce has been so greatly blurred that the latter is losing all meaning. Today’s consumers are walking into brick-and-mortar shops and are using their mobile devices from there in order to comparison shop for better deals and prices…

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