Mobile commerce trends are causing many businesses to fall behind

Mobile Commerce Trends

Mobile Commerce Mobile Marketing Trends

The 2012 most popular strategies still have some companies scratching their heads.

The marketing trends in Mobile commerce are whipping forward at such a dramatic pace, that many businesses – large and small – are left wondering how they ever hope to keep up with the pace.

But what they should be asking themselves is if they have taken the steps to use the more established techniques.

Instead of allowing themselves to become overwhelmed with the vast universe of opportunities presented by m-commerce, businesses should instead look into the most popular and well accepted mobile marketing trends in order to make sure that they are taking their first steps into this environment and aren’t being left behind.

Mobile commerce is made up of a number of different trends that can each be used independently.

By focusing on the affordable and achievable methods, instead of the entire concept as a whole, this can be brought down to a much more manageable level. The following are some of the more popular elements of mobile commerce that are providing results and that aren’t overwhelmingly challenging to implement.

QR codes – these are already found on everything from product packages to magazine advertisements and contactless payments. QR codes are finally breaking away from their popularity exclusively among marketers and are now recognized by consumers, as well. Scan rates are rapidly on the rise.

• NFC – Near field communication technology is just starting to make its first impact in the mcommerce world. Though it has not yet exploded in its use (because most mobile devices have yet to be equipped with the necessary chip) as a growing number of consumers start to purchase the smartphones that are NFC enabled, this will become an increasingly vital part of the mobile experience.

• UGC – User generated content through features such as social media, customer feedback, and site visitor comments, not only helps to promote better search engine optimization (SEO) results, but it is also highly appealing to consumers. This allows them to enjoy a more engaging and interactive experience with a company or brand. The more a consumer is engaged, the greater the likelihood that a conversion will be made.

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