Facebook food ordering launches on social media app

Facebook food ordering - fast food hamburger

The application will allow people to order meals from nearby restaurants without having to leave it. Facebook food ordering is now available to users of the social network’s popular mobile app, making it possible for smartphone users to order take-out without switching applications. According to Facebook, users are already use the social platform to learn about local eateries. Because of that, Facebook food ordering becomes a natural choice for the mobile app’s users. If they’re already trying to find out where they should eat, then it could be quite convenient…

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Facebook mobile commerce data shows a sweet future

social media trends facebook mobile commerce

The social media giant’s statistics showed that smartphone based transactions are rapidly rising. Newly released Kantar and Facebook mobile commerce data revealed a sizeable trend toward smartphone transactions. Over the holiday shopping period, the social media giant recorded 51 percent of transactions from smartphone or tablet sources. This data included the period from November 1 through December 31 based on online transactions. During that same period in 2015, the same figure had been a notably lower 41 percent. As a whole, this Facebook mobile commerce data underscored the importance for…

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Shopify is first to use commerce side of Facebook’s social media marketing

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy button

The company has now become the initial user of the conversational shopping feature with Messenger integration. Shopify Inc. has now decided to lead the way when it comes to the upgraded commerce opportunity offered by Facebook’s social media marketing over its multi-channel cloud-based platform that has been created for small and medium sized businesses. It has now integrated with the new Facebook Messenger Platform for offering live customer support. It will also enhance social media marketing through push notifications and offer automatic order confirmations, shipping updates and a great deal…

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What is Social Commerce?

social commerce media

Mobile commerce is at a stage where it is beginning to evolve and become better identified through the particular sectors in which it is thriving. In social media, the idea of engaging consumers that have become inseparable from their mobile devices has become a prime directive. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are making efforts to engage mobile consumers and they are managing to do this through social commerce. Social commerce is a concept that was devised by David Beisel to identify user-generated, advetorial content on e-commerce sites. Essentially, social commerce…

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