Eco friendly SMS for mobile marketers

Green advertising

Green advertising The world is starting to come to understand that changes – and large ones – are more important than had previously been assumed in order to help to rescue the world from the environmental damage that has already been caused, or at least slow down the growth of the impact that we continue to have. As an element of this many companies are going paperless in order to reduce the amount of forest that is destroyed and pollution that is caused by the logging, production, and transportation of…

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Codes make for a greener tomorrow

San Francisco, California, is experiencing a surge in the green movement. Residents are being encouraged to cut back their environmental impact and “Go Green.” Environmentalism has been an issue of concern throughout the nation, but California has been fervent in looking for sustainable alternatives to energy and lessen their burden on the environment. The newest trend has residents using QR codes to achieve a new level of eco-friendliness. QR codes have been leading the charge in innovations to marketing and advertising, allowing businesses to take advantage of the rise in…

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A recipe for success!

QR codes restaurants

  Chef Jose Duarte of Boston’s Taranta restaurant is creating a whole new eating experience with QR codes by bringing the mobile marketing technology into the food service industry. Servers adorned in shirts bearing the code have been attracting the attention of patrons. Inspired by what he saw at the Madrid Fusion restaurant even in Spain five years ago, where colleague Seiji Yamamoto used the codes in several of his demos, Duarte is planning to incorporate the technology on more than just t-shirts. Duarte stunned the crowd at the Fairmont Copley…

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