New Anne of Green Gables VR technology experience unveiled

VR technology - Green Gables in PEI

Users get to see Avonlea through the eyes of their own version of an Anne Shirley avatar. A new VR technology-based Anne of Green Gables experience as described in the New Yorker has been resurrected after years of delay, allowing users to experience Avonlea, Prince Edward Island through the eyes of a red-headed avatar. The experience doesn’t turn the user into Anne Shirley, but their own version of the character instead. The VR technology experience provides the user with the option to create their own version of the Anne of…

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Mobile payments adoption is slow, but awareness is growing

mobile payments trends

Accenture finds that awareness of mobile payments is on the rise Accenture has released new data that shows that consumers in North America still prefer to pay with cash and payment cards rather than mobile devices. Awareness of mobile payments is growing quickly among consumers, but adoption is growing slowly. Consumers have interest in the concept of mobile payments, as they are seen as more convenient in some cases, but security concerns appear to be a significant challenge for consumers. North American smartphone owners are using their devices to make…

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Study highlights the growth of e-commerce

e-commerce vs mobile commerce

New study shows that e-commerce is on the rise in North America and Europe The Center for Retail Research has released its latest study, which was commissioned by RetailMeNot. The study shows that e-commerce continues to make strides in both North America and Europe, though consumers are beginning to gravitate toward mobile commerce. More consumers are opting to shop online with their mobile devices because of the convenience that it represents. This is one of the reasons that e-commerce first began to gain popularity, as well. US leads e-commerce sales,…

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Survey highlights the growth of mobile commerce

black friday mobile shopping record

Mobile commerce is beginning to expand in several prominent markets OHT-Mobile has released the results of its latest survey, which covers eight global markets and highlights the growth of mobile commerce. The countries covered in the survey are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. In each of these countries, mobile commerce has been growing at an accelerate rate. This has to do with the high penetration of smartphones and other technologies, as well as the efforts retailers are making to reach a…

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Mobile commerce is thriving in Canada

canada mobile commerce users

New report highlights the growth and potential of mobile commerce in Canada Ipsos, a global market research firm, has released a new report that was commissioned by PayPal. The report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in Canada. The country has been seeing a swell in mobile commerce activity in recent years, powered by growing smartphone penetration and consumers having an interest in shopping online. As more people begin participating in mobile commerce, it is beginning to represent a larger portion of the overall e-commerce space. Report shows that Canadian…

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