BlackBerry software successes cause company’s losses to reduce

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The struggling Canadian handset maker is using its digital revenues to make up for its hardware losses. The BlackBerry software from the Canadian smartphone manufacturer has played an important role in the company’s efforts to climb back into relevance and profitability has the revenue from its digital side has now allowed it to reduce its losses. The software side of the company has proven to be a very powerful one and will be integral to its recovery. In the three month period that came to an end in May 2015,…

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Mobile security move made by new BlackBerry acquisition

Mobile Security

The struggling Canadian handset maker has now purchased the Secusmart anti-eavesdropping company. BlackBerry has now made the latest in a series of moves that are designed to allow the company to claw its way back into relevance and – dare it be said – successful recovery, through the acquisition of a mobile security company called Secusmart. The firm’s anti-eavesdropping technology align with BlackBerry’s new focus on amped up security. Secusmart’s high powered mobile security technology was initially developed in order to provide the smartphones of German government officials – such…

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BlackBerry recovery plan has now been unveiled

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Following the announcement of its massive continued losses in the third quarter, the company hopes to get better. Following extremely bad handset sales that have caused losses that were far worse than predicted, a BlackBerry recovery plan is now well in the works and the company is hopeful that it will be able to form a much brighter future for itself. The handsets had once been the leaders in the market and have recently rapidly fallen off the map. The third quarter losses reported by the company for its third…

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Technology news made as BlackBerry goes up for sale

BlackBerry mboile technology sale

After a dramatic attempt to recover the company after the release of its latest products, the for sale sign is now up. BlackBerry has just announced that it is now officially exploring alternatives for the company’s future, and the fact that it is considering its sale among those options is making top technology news headlines. The company, based in Waterloo, Canada, was once considered to be the industry leader and just recently dropped into fourth place. Shares in the company have been halted as of August 12 as the company…

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