The film industry is diving into cutting edge marketing

Mobile Commerce Film Industry

Just as ever-improving technology is being used to create films, so is it being used to market them, through innovative advertising campaigns using digital and social media that have been designed to fill the seats in the theaters. The film industry has found itself needing to be creative in order to compensate for the impact of pirating and other circumstances on their ticket sales. It has therefore formed some interesting new campaigns designed to rebuild the drive to head out to the movies. The film industry in South Africa has…

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Avatar QR Codes

Tokyo based IT DeSign announced a new QR code generator that will overlay a Twitter avatar on a QR code. The codes will link to a user’s Twitter account. IT DeSign has designed a number of QR generators in the past as well as other platforms using QR codes. This new project is aimed at getting QR codes involved in social media and showing that the code, normally consisting of a black and white mosaic, can be more than an unfamiliar pattern. The company launched the program in January and…

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