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Tokyo based IT DeSign announced a new QR code generator that will overlay a Twitter avatar on a QR code. The codes will link to a user’s Twitter account. IT DeSign has designed a number of QR generators in the past as well as other platforms using QR codes. This new project is aimed at getting QR codes involved in social media and showing that the code, normally consisting of a black and white mosaic, can be more than an unfamiliar pattern.

The company launched the program in January and has invited users to come and participate in the beta phase of testing. Users can embed any picture to the QR code as long as it meets the requirements of Twitter. The program is available in English and a number of other languages.

IT DeSign has made a name for themselves in QR design. They are responsible for the production of the world’s first entirely edible chocolate QR code. They first partnered with Chocolate Graphics Japan in 2008 to see if it were actually possible to embed a functioning code on something edible. The chocolates were later used to market the patented manufacturing process of the company’s chocolates worldwide.

With the world of QR becoming more competitive, companies will have to find new and innovative ways to show off the abilities of mobile technologies. Japan has a head start as it is the birthplace of QR, but the trend is spreading to the west quickly.

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