Augmented reality may have a bright future ahead

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Augmented reality could see major adoption in the coming decade Augmented reality is quickly becoming a technology that is pushing the boundaries of marketing, entertainment, and consumer engagement in many industries. The technology has won the favor of consumers because of its interactive nature and its ability to provide these people with dynamic digital content. Businesses have become enthralled with the technology because it represents a d new way to engage tech-savvy consumers. Global Information, a leading publisher of market research, has released several reports concerning the capabilities of augmented…

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Augmented reality market set for aggressive expansion

Augmented Reality apps

TechNavio predicts a promising future for augmented reality Augmented reality is beginning to take off in numerous industries. Many technology companies are working on wearable augmented reality products, while software developers are working augmented reality into new mobile applications for various platforms. Even the game industry has become enamored with augmented reality. TechNavio, a leading market research firm, has released a new study forecasting the future of the global augmented reality market; and the future certainly looks bright for this interactive technology. Study forecasts CAGR of 54.3% from 2012 to…

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Augmented reality study shows that games can boost data retention

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Recently performed research in Singapore has suggested new ways to use AR to help consumers remember details. A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has released the results of a new study that has indicated that the participants in a trail displayed improved information retention after having played an augmented reality game. The AR game was played over an iPad, and the participants were students from a high school. The study was made up of the participation of 36 students from the high school called Secondary One.…

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