New weather simulator lets people experience rain or snow wherever they are

HMD - Head Mounted Display

With the recent string of natural disasters, more people are on edge when it comes to the weather. Mobile apps that track the weather have always been popular, but such apps can only go so far. Magic Vision Labs, a company whose goal it is to enhance humanity’s perception of the world through augmented reality. The company has developed an augmented reality weather simulator. The program developed by Magic Vision is able to superimpose a variety of weather events on to any environment. In its current incarnation, the weather simulator…

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Huge potential for the little guy with augmented reality marketing

An Example of Augmented Reality Capabilities with a Wikitude App

  Small businesses could get a boost up from new mobile app. Technology is bringing out more and more applications that aren’t just for fun; several of the new apps can be useful to small business owners. One of those useful apps is augmented reality (AR). It’s not as scary as it sounds. It simply means an enhancement to the real world. It uses real looking images or videos layered on top of real world objects. If a person has a Smartphone with an AR application, they could hold up…

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New Augmented Reality Applications in the Pipeline

With technology improving daily, mobile phones and netbooks are quickly evolving into more than just a “personal assistant” type of apparatus. The applications have become far more personalized for individual needs and now there is something new to add into the mix. Augmented Reality applications may just push us into the next phase of becoming ‘one’ with our mobile devices.  The new generation devices of iPhone/iPad, and Android, have been able to integrate a few augmented applications that react and respond in a believable manner. Augmented Reality joins the digital…

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