Augmented reality study predicts billions of app downloads by 2017

Mobile Commerce sales

In 2013 alone, the study forecasts mcommerce revenue of $300 million from AR. A new report has been released to reveal the findings of a study about the use of augmented reality from now through 2017. What it revealed was that the technology is rapidly on the rise and that it has a great deal of potential. It predicted that by the year 2017, there will have been around 2.5 billion annual downloads of augmented reality applications on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it also forecasted that it will generate revenue…

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Virgin Media announces new augmented reality applications

Virgin Media

Virgin Media introduced Unmissable App Acclaimed telecommunications and media company Virgin Media has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has long had its hands in various types of technology and has taken a keen interest in the interactive nature of augmented reality. As such, Virgin Media has announced that it will be released a new mobile augmented reality application next month. The Unmissable App, as it is being called, is meant to promote further engagement with the brand and highlight the growing importance of AR content. Company looks…

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U.S. Bank develops augmented reality mobile application to help customers find branch locations


How businesses are starting to incorporate augmented reality U.S. Bank, a premiere online financial organization, has developed a new application for the iOS platform that makes use of augmented reality technology. The technology is becoming more popular in the banking industry because of its potential to make online financial management more intuitive. Augmented reality has been seeing a great deal of use in the entertainment industry and is often praised for its uses in navigation systems. U.S. Bank has taken a keen interest in the navigation aspects of the technology…

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Verizon Wireless opens a center dedicated to the progress of augmented reality

Mobile App Builder

Augmented reality is beginning to make waves in the mobile industry. The technology has been around for a number of decades now, but it has only been recently that it has garnered any sort of acclaim. Initially, AR surfed on the heels of 3D technology, which drew in its own share of enthusiasm from both consumers and businesses. As the interest surrounding 3D wanes, however, AR has steamed ahead, and now more technology and telecommunications companies are taking notice. Verizon Wireless has been investing in AR technology for some time…

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Londinium: Bringing Roman London to life through the use of augmented reality

London Museum

Two millennia have passed since the glory days of the expansive Roman Empire, yet the civilization has lost none of its intrigue. For centuries, archeologists have been discovering ancient artifacts from the height of the Empire in places that were least expected. In recent years, the discovery that the Romans has spread as far as Britain shook previous theories about the reach of the Empire to their core. Indeed, London was once a territory of the Empire, and now the Museum of London is looking to breathe new life into…

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