Huge potential for the little guy with augmented reality marketing

An Example of Augmented Reality Capabilities with a Wikitude App

An Example of Augmented Reality Capabilities with a Wikitude App 

Small businesses could get a boost up from new mobile app. Technology is bringing out more and more applications that aren’t just for fun; several of the new apps can be useful to small business owners. One of those useful apps is augmented reality (AR).

It’s not as scary as it sounds. It simply means an enhancement to the real world. It uses real looking images or videos layered on top of real world objects. If a person has a Smartphone with an AR application, they could hold up their phone to the surrounding stores and see floating icons above the stores on their phone. 

These floating icons would show your store information, what you carry, special sales and more. The floating icons are “augmented” over the actual surroundings on their phone screen. A director from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), mobile and operations division says AR will beyond doubt keep growing.

Mobile marketing is breaking out all over. More and more merchants and businesses are using some form of mobile advertising to reach their current and potential customers. Coupons, discounts and vouchers are being used more frequently as a way to entice shoppers to buy a particular brand or from a specific company.

This method is predicted to continue and evolve as more mobile platforms and applications come out. Mobile has become a crucial path for advertisers, and those who take advantage of these new avenues opening up will certainly see business growth.

Augmented reality is one of those avenues that small businesses could use to promote their store and the products they sell.

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