New weather simulator lets people experience rain or snow wherever they are

HMD - Head Mounted Display

HMD - Head Mounted DisplayWith the recent string of natural disasters, more people are on edge when it comes to the weather. Mobile apps that track the weather have always been popular, but such apps can only go so far. Magic Vision Labs, a company whose goal it is to enhance humanity’s perception of the world through augmented reality. The company has developed an augmented reality weather simulator. The program developed by Magic Vision is able to superimpose a variety of weather events on to any environment.

In its current incarnation, the weather simulator is part of a wearable augmented reality device comprised of a helmet, visor, headphones and a backpack which contains the majority of the computing hardware. The system does seem to be limited in its practicality but, then again, it was not designed for any practical use. Its purpose is to further test the technology that Magic Vision Labs has been devoted to for years.

The company has a number of projects they are currently working on, each involving augmented reality in some way. The guiding principle of their efforts is to expand humanity’s perception of the world around them through technology. Augmented reality seems a natural pairing with such a lofty goal.

Some of Magic Vision Labs’ projects include an x-ray vision AR program, which allows users to see through solid objects, and what they call MeltVision, which allows users to melt any object they find In the real world into a virtual puddle.

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